Whether you are a new or experienced nurse, you need to decide how to get your next job. You’d rather be working, not spending your precious time looking for available jobs.

Your experience may be unique, and while you should be out saving lives and improving the health of your community, you’re overwhelmed by job applications and lengthy interviews. Why not delegate much of this responsibility to a recruitment agency? There are several reasons why you should use a staffing agency that you may not have considered:

Save time

Your time is extremely valuable. Every mistake can cost you a job opportunity and lost time forever. Check your resume with an expert to make sure your skills match the job description. Avoid reading all the job postings, searching Jobboom and LinkedIn, or even sending in thousands of resumes only to get no feedback.

Moreover, a recruitment agency knows where to look for the positions that suit you. They won’t waste your time with organizations or positions that aren’t right for you. An agency can force negotiations and encourage the employer to act quickly, which you simply cannot do.

In short, you don’t have to work harder, but more efficiently. A recruiter can handle all of this for you.

Save effort

A skilled recruiting professional will submit applications on your behalf, introduce you to hiring managers and oversee the recruiting process.

Benefit from a broad network of contacts

A recruitment agency has access to a vast network. It knows organizations, employers and most likely hiring managers. This means that your profile has the opportunity to be seen first by accomplished employers who are looking for someone like you. It also means you will get to know people you would never otherwise meet and your resume will be presented to important organizations.

Enjoy peace of mind

An experienced recruiter will keep an eye on the little details. He or she will establish your qualifications for the right position, the proper compensation, and an understanding of all the benefits offered. When you have a recruiter who knows what they’re doing, the entire process is hassle-free.

Work in healthy and safe environments

A recruiting agency won’t waste your time, or theirs, by placing you in a healthcare position that isn’t a good fit. If you work with the right recruitment agency, you won’t be entering a shady facility with questionable practices. You will definitely be assigned to the excellent organizations in your area.

As one of the leading healthcare recruitment agencies in Quebec, Care and Assistance Fab Inc.would know how to find jobs for qualified and successful healthcare professionals. We’ll find a position that puts your knowledge to work, whether you’re looking for a full-time, part-time or contract position. To learn more, contact us today.